Worker’s Compensation Death Benefits

The Work Comp Statutes provide benefits for a spouse or children when an employee is killed  as a result of their employment or in some cases, while on the road because of their employment.   As a general rule of thumb, these benefits include funeral and burial expenses as well as up to Five Hundred weeks of disability payments

If you or a family member have lost a loved one from injury at work or while in the course of their employment, it is imperative that they consult with an experience lawyer such as those at Kooi Law to ensure their benefits and rights are protected.


KOOI LAW and its attorneys have been recognized throughout the State for the excellence in representing victims and family members that have been hurt or killed at work.  Founding member and head counsel, Jeffrey R. Kooi has been nominated for the past three years (2009, 2010, and 2011) as one of Indiana’s Super Lawyers Rising Stars.  This award is provided to less than two-and-a-half percent of all Indiana Lawyers.

What can a  Work Comp lawyer do for me?

While there are a number of reasons to hire an experienced work comp lawyer, including peace of mind, a few areas our firm has been able to help clients over the years with their death claims are set forth below:

  • Settlement Negotiations — Worker’s compensation death benefits may terminate in certain circumstances; thus, it often may be in the survivor’s best interests to negotiate a lump sum award at the outset of a claim. Our firm has extensive experience navigating clients about the advantages and disadvantages of each settlement approach.  We educate our clients and give them the power and tools to make an appropriate and well thought out decision.
  • Survivors who may not have been immediate family members - The lawyers of Kooi Law have assisted many individuals who may not traditionally be thought of as family members or dependents assert claims to death benefits. These cases are often referred to as dependency in fact.  In these cases, the main component is demonstrating economic reliance of the decease worker. In such cases, a non-family member may be entitled to a claim.