Work Comp Disability Payments or TTD

Compensation Lawyers of Kooi Law have extensive experience in dealing with the issues that arise when an employee is taken off of work as a result of an injury sustained during their employment.  Under the Worker Compensation Statutes, an employee that is temporarily or permanently disabled as a result of their work injury and can no longer perform their work duties or is taken off of work by their treating physician is entitled to weekly disability payments.  These payments are often referred to as TTD or Temporary Total Disability payments.

As a general rule, these payments are fairly easy to calculate based on an employees AWW or Average Weekly Wage; however, where an employee maintains a second job or has bonuses, overtime or other fluctuations in their salary, an experience Work Comp Lawyer can be of substantial benefit to ensure that all income is taken into account and that the employee gets the full benefit of their entitlements under the Workers’ Compensation Statutes.