Brain & Spinal Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury may occur when an individual sustains quick/violent movements (accelerations or deceleration)  of their head or skull. These types of injuries are frequently known as a “closed head injury” (CHI), and are commonly seen in severe or moderately severe motor vehicle accidents. Another type of head injury can occur when an individual’s head comes into contact with an object or fixed structure. Such action causes an injury to be sustained through a strike or blow to the head (these types of injuries are more frequently seen in occupational settings such as construction or factory accidents).

Injuries to the brain can have temporary or long-lasting effects. Such injuries in a legal setting are sometimes difficult to prove. This is particularly true where injuries appear subjective and there are no signs of physical injury. Because some symptoms can be hidden or difficult to detect, it can be hard for someone who has suffered a brain injury to identify, relay and recover adequate damages for their Indianapolis personal injuries. It can also be difficult to establish and prove the lasting effects of a brain injury. This makes jury trials involving brain injuries a specialized task for even the most seasoned  brain injury attorney.

Crossen Kooi LLP has experience with traumatic brain injury cases and is aware of the multitude of long-term effects that can plague a Traumatic Brain Injury victim. We also have experience with effective methods of proving the impact of these injuries.

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