Car Accidents and Auto Collisions

An auto collision, commonly referred to as a traffic accident , motor vehicle collision, motor vehicle accident , car accident , or car crash, occurs when a vehicle operating on a roadway impacts another vehicle, a pedestrian, an animal, or even debris on the roadway. Car Accidents can result in personal injury, property damage, and even death to victims.

To preserve and protect their rights, it is critical that motorists, passengers and pedestrians who are involved in serious accidents immediately collect and preserve evidence for future dealings with insurance companies and for possible litigation. Such items include police reports, accident photos, witness statements, driving records and medical records. Kooi Law Firm’s experienced Car Accident Lawyers can assist you with the difficult task of collecting evidence and will come to your home or hospital for a FREE CONSULTATION, and provide you all the information necessary to help you during this difficult time. Our Car Accident Attorneys are a Free Phone Call away at 1-866-569-1335 (local 569-1335) or you can Email us here.

If you or a loved one have been hurt, injured or killed in an Indiana Car Accident or Illinois Car Accident, it is likely you have incurredmedical bills, property damage, lost wages or pain and suffering for which you are entitled to compensation under the law. Our Auto Accident Lawyers know that injuries affect entire families through loss of services and the love and affection of the injured person. Achieving just compensation for people involved in any type of automobile, motorcycle or trucking accident, as well as those affected, requires the highest degree of skill, knowledge and attention to detail.  The Car Accident Attorneys at Kooi Law Firm posses the precise skill set necessary to protect the rights and benefits you or your loved one.  The Car Collision Lawyers at Kooi Law Firm are committed to getting the best possible verdicts and settlements for their clients. We recognize how an injury can affect you physically, financially and emotionally, as well as your family. That is why we provide our clients competent, common-sense advice, and will take the time to listen and explain all options and solutions so that you can participate in making the choices which best meet your needs.

Please contact our Auto Collision Attorneys for a FREE consultation so that we can discuss and review your case in greater detail and start putting you and your family back on the road to recovery.