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Two Tractor Trailers Crash in Indianas Marion County

United States Interstate 70 in Indiana’s Marion County was the scene of a Semi Truck Accident Monday morning. The Tractor Trailer Crash happened just west of downtown Indianapolis and included two Semis. The Indiana Truck Accident Lawyers learned a car was also involved in this crash. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the collision. However, Indiana Work Comp issues could have been involved if the semi drivers were hurt while on the job.

Indiana investigators say hydroplaning may be to blame for this Trucking Accident. A driver of one of the semi trucks said it was raining at the time of the accident and his trailer started to hydroplane. The trailer then hit a wall. The driver of a second semi truck was apparently trying to not hit that tractor trailer when it collided with a car.

The Indianapolis Vehicle Collision Attorneys at Crossen Kooi are experienced in handling auto accidents that stem from hydroplaning. Hydroplaning happens when a vehicle’s tires are separated from the road due to water or another liquid forming a layer between the tires and the road. Thus, the tires have little or no traction on the road, and the driver has reduced ability to break or steer effectively. Hydroplaning is often referred to as “aquaplaning.”

One of the main causes of hydroplaning is poor road construction. When a road is constructed the proper way, it will have a center at a higher angle than its sides. This makes a “cross slope” which enables water to drain off the road. However, over a period of time and in some cases, because of a paving contractor’s or road engineer’s negligence or error, some roads do not have the proper cross slope or have no cross slope at all. In these situations, water tends to pool on the road, and hydroplaning can occur and lead to Vehicle Collisions.

Vehicle Collisions are often a cause of Workers Compensation issues. The Indiana Department of Labor examined all sorts of workplace injuries and found in 2009, transportation and warehousing had the second highest number of workplace fatalities with 17. The construction industry also had 17 workplace deaths. Only the agriculture industry had more with 23. There are certain steps an injured worker should take if he or she is hurt while in the course and scope of employment. Each state has its own specific Work Comp laws and codes so an injured worker should check with his or her own state’s regulations.