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Illinois Woman Dies in Car Accident On Illinois Route 159

A two Car Crash on Illinois Route 159 left one woman dead. The auto accident happened Tuesday afternoon. The Illinois Car Accident Lawyers learned the victim was identified as 60 year old Karen Mavers from Waterloo. Illinois investigators say 77 year old Jeanette Phillips was driving the second vehicle. She was not hurt in the car accident.

Illinois State Police investigated this Car Collision. Officers say Mavers’s car was hit by Phillip’s approaching vehicle that had merged into Mavers’s lane. The collision forced Mavers to lose control of her vehicle. Thus, her car wound up off the road, went down an embankment and flipped. Phillips was ticketed for using a lane improperly in causing an accident.

Not surprisingly, passenger cars are the most frequent type of vehicle involved in deadly Auto Accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found in Illinois in 2009, passenger cars were involved in 593 deadly crashes. That accounted for 45.6% of all the deadly vehicle crashes in Illinois that year. Light trucks made up the second most fatal accidents. They were in 32.9% of them.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also looked at the ages of people involved in deadly vehicle collisions. In this week’s deadly car crash on Illinois Route 159, the drivers were 60 and 77 years old. Data showed in 2009 in Illinois, people older than 74 were in 132 fatal crashes. People aged 55-64 were in 120 deadly auto accidents. Nationally, people older than 74 were in 3,706 fatal crashes while people aged 55-64 were in 4,211 deadly vehicle accidents. The age group with the most fatalities in 2009 was the 25-34 year old one. That age group had the most vehicle fatalities nationally and in Illinois.

Illinois Auto Accident Lawyers recommend if possible, people take specific actions if they find themselves in a car crash. Victims should collect and keep evidence in case certain entities ask for it in the future. Insurance companies and attorneys might ask for such evidence at a later date. Helpful evidence can be a variety of items like police reports, accident photos, witness statements, driving records and medical records.